Razer Phone 2 launch details include Project Linda

Yes, the Razer Phone just got launched in the market and probably isn't raking in dough just yet. Of course, the smartphone market is a fast-moving one and it is normal for even small OEMs, like OnePlus for example, to put out a new flagship every year. And who is Razer to break that tradition? […]


Android 9.0 Release Date Rumours: When is Android P coming out?

The update will first be available to Google Pixel devices, and then we'll start to see new phones arriving with Android P out of the box at September's IFA 2018 show. Android updates are rolled out by phone manufacturers and network operators rather than Google itself, because any Android updates … Google Alert – android new […]

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The New Launch Of Android

Presently, there are rumors spreading out among various tech sites around Europe that there will be a new release of the lattest generation of smart phones based on Google’s ever more popular mobile operating system, so-called Android happening in Europe in time of the fourth quarter rush (September/October onwards). The speculation is substantially originated from […]