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March 5, 2018

The Launch Of The Android Tablet

The popularity of the tablet computer has exploded in 2010, invigorated by the introduction of Apple’s iPad in April. It has had no real competition since then, although many rivals have attempted to develop tablet devices to compete with the iPad. However, Samsung have recently released specifications for its Galaxy Tablet, which is expected to be launched in November in time for Christmas. Its incorporation of the Google Android operating system may just enable it to come up trumps against the mighty iPad

What is Google Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google which provides a massive number of applications to its users, extending the functionality of the devices which they incorporate. The goal is to foster and develop a new breed of innovation for mobile devices allowing a much better user experience than today’s current mobile platforms.

Android Applications

Anybody can download the SDK (software development kit) and write applications for Android phones as Google doesn’t screen developers of applications. Users of an Android Tablet or device can download applications from the Android Market. If the app costs money, you pay for it using Google Checkout. There is a massive array of applications including Google Goggles which enables users to effectively take a picture of an item, a landmark for example, and then instantly receive information on this via the Internet. Android has made a huge dent in the mobile industry, and its incorporation into Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet shows that it is well on its way to doing the same for tablets.

Samsung’s Android Tablet will include a huge range of features including Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth and it also incorporates Flash Player, which gives it greater appeal over the iPad in terms of quality video and playing games. The Media, Music and Reader Hubs allow users to download music, movies, TV programmes, e-books, magazines and newspapers. This Android Tablet is certain to change the way people live their lives, allowing access to entertainment and communication features whenever and wherever they are required. It certainly looks impressive – we will soon see whether it can topple the iPad and steal its crown as the King of Mobile Tablets.

Gareth Hoyle blogs about many technology related products. This blog is about the Samsung Galaxy Tab , the latest touchscreen Android powered tablet by Samsung. This blog is not affiliated with Samsung and the views in the article of of the author, not the company

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