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March 22, 2018

Android A Boom For Mobile Platform

Most of the smart phones have Android Programming operating system and platform.Android platform has made Android mobile application development very easy. This not only adds features to the smart phone but enhances the utility of Android as well. The Android platform is the product of a group of collaborated organizations called Open Handset Alliance in which Google is the leading player.The Android mobile application development is so simple and void of technical complexities that the non-coders can also use it and develop meaningful Android mobile applications.The cell phones of yesteryear have now evolved into smart phones. These smart phones are now quickly becoming a substitute for the desk top PCs and laptops. It is because of the portability and utility features that this replacement is in full swing.

How the Android is a pile or collection of software especially for smart phones.

Android constitutes of operating system , key applications and middleware. The APIs and the tools necessary to develop the Android applications are provided by the Android SDK. The Java programming language is used to start the development of applications on the Android platform. For the Android developers the use of Android SDK is now compulsory. The Android SDK includes all the application framework, class libraries and packages necessary to develop an Android application. The Android SDK needs to be downloaded and installed by the developer. On the other hand the PATH environment variable needs to be set up too.
Most of the users of these smart phones now access the internet through these palm sized devices. The websites and other internet applications that were earlier designed to be compatible with the desktop PCs and laptops have to be now compatible with the operating systems and platforms of the smart phones. The Android is an open source platform. This tends to minimize the investments on the Android mobile application development.

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