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August 17, 2018

Editorial – Android, the Beginning of a New Era of Mobile Operating Systems

In the beginning the Windows Mobile OS and the Palm OS ruled the Earth. One day, the Apple iPhone OS began to dominate the market. Today, a new competitor has climbed into the ring, Google Android. Google is slowly taking over the world, they took over our search engines, and we loved it. They took over our YouTube and we loved it. Now they’re taking over our cell phones, and I’ll love it, but not today.

Currently the only official Android compatible phone is the T-Mobile G1, which has already shown that the Android operating system has a lot of potential because it’s open source. I’ve been seeing a lot of programs for the Android platform but the iPhone has vastly more interesting programs. I see programs hit the iPhone first and then a similar program arrives for Android. It’s a great idea to let people develop programs on their own, not to mention it creates a very inexpensive market where you can get most of your programs for free. I have downloaded numerous programs but there’s so much more customization that can be had, we just haven’t seen it yet. One thing I am personally waiting for, is a today theme, just like on the Blackberry and Windows Mobile where your home screen shows your daily tasks, messages, and emails.

I’d also like to see an onscreen keyboard that trumps the iPhone. There are a few on the market right now but they’re not that great and you can only use them when you’re text messaging, they don’t work in your calendar or your emails. This is something Android developers must be working feverishly on because the proposed T-Mobile G2 doesn’t have a physical keyboard, but will that port over nicely to the G1? Only time will tell. I’ll love the Android OS one day, but not yet.

I do love how there’s not one, not two, but three desktops, who needs that much space? I need all that space! It allows me to place my icons and application shortcuts in a quick accessible location with just a swipe of the finger, no more digging through Program Menus. One thing I would like to see is a seamless slide from one screen to another. Right now the Android OS has the screens locking on one desktop then another and another.

Another thing that bothers me about the Android system is not being able to install programs onto the SD card, programs have to be installed on the phone and as you know the G1 doesn’t have infinite memory. It would be nice to install and run programs from the SD card, just like Windows Mobile. Of course the iPhone doesn’t have this problem because has plenty of onboard memory and no expansion slots.

The Android operating system is great, possibly better than Windows Mobile and the iPhone OS, but it has a lot more potential to become even better and completely take over our cell phones. I only have simple grievances about Android, it’s not anything big, but with such a powerful and dynamic operating system, I am disappointed it’s not mind blowing. I expect more, I expect a lot more, and I think Android will offer everything and anything you can imagine in the future revisions, but not yet today.

Al Yu

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